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Private Parties

Whether it's draping a ceiling or walls, On Q Productions is renowned for our drapery and ceiling treatments.

Our Team has many years of experience with many types of fabrics and applications.


On Q Productions has a large inventory of drape in many colors

Event drapery is a great solution for corporate or social events when your event space needs to be multipurpose.

Drape can be use to hide tables already set for your wedding reception, then quickly removed while your guests are enjoying a cocktail.

The art of drapery can elevate your event to a whole new level of elegances and style.  Drapery can soften hard edges of a space and add a polished finish to any event. 

Layers! Drape is the first layer of a great design, it's the best way to neutralize a busy room and create a clean pallet for your design and style to shin through. 

Corporate Events
Micro Weddings
Wedding Drape

When it comes to dressing a space with drape, height matters!  

Installing drapery floor to ceiling will give your event a  finished appearance as if it was a part of the room and not an after thought.

Reading Terminal Market Events

Ceiling treatments can add a playful and festive look and feel to just about any event! 

Through the use of drapery any space can be transformed into a smaller more intimate gathering space for a quite conversation.

Asian Theme event decor
Asian Theme event
Drapery used as a clean pallet for lighting effects.
Whoville themed holiday event
Themed ceiling treatments
Graduation stage
Custom Tent liner, Chandlier by DFW Event Design
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