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Lighting Design

Lighting enhances, improves and, transforms every element in a space. We are passionate about lighting; a venue can be a blank canvas, a place to get creative and express your design. Your color scheme can come to life in a big bold way.

Muesum Lighting Design
Oor passion is lighting

Our passion is lighting, presently a lot of companies offer lighting but very few of them are lighting designers, there is more to it than putting a light fixture on the floor and pointing it up.  It’s about knowing the space and highlighting the architecture features of the event space; along with controlling the amount of light in the space so the design and features of your event shine through. 

Painting your event through the use of textured lighting achieved with the proper gobos can transform your event's wall, floor or ceiling with a patterned lighting effect. Endless assortment of patterns are available. Great effect to dramatically transform a venue or tent!

Bat Mizvah decor and lighting Philadelphia
Event Design
Up-lighting for events

Bold large projected images will create a dramatic statement. 

Projected  images add a scenic element without the high cost of scenery to your event budget which means 

more bang for the buck!

Texture Lighting
Please Touch Muesum

Bathing a room in color creates an ambiance that allows guests to see clearly and look their best without being too harsh or bright. It's the best visual way to bring your event colors to life.  We achieve color at an event through the use of LED lighting fixtures. By combining LED's colors we can fabricate any color it's an endless selection! 

Market string or bistro lights can add a festive atmosphere and achieve a proper level of illumination.  String lights are fun and playful and add another visual effect to your party!  

Its always best to know when to use an LED bulb and when not to, incandescent market lights put out a very beautiful warm amber glow that you just can't get with an LED bulb.  On Q Production will only use the real deal!

Event Lighting Design
Wedding lighting and Drapery
Defining a dance floor with textured lighting
Micro Tent Wedding
Philadelphia Free Library Event Lighting
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